The Monchhichi’s are a community of brave and equally cute friends. Their mission in life is to act as “sleep custodians; creating dreams for children across the world.
However, their task is not always easy. They must tread carefully for there are some who wish to have more dreams for themselves.
With gut and willpower, the Monchhichi always triumph in the end through creativity, teamwork and of course,; a little help from some friends.


Season 1: 52 x 11″
Season 2: 52 x 11″

104 x 11″



Clan TV Spain, Canal Panda Spain and Portugal, TF1 France, K2 Italy, Deakids Italy, Telekids Netherlands, OUF Tivi Belgium, VRL Belgium, MTV3 Finland ARK Super Norway, Kapycenb Russia Minimax Eastern Europe Télé-Québec Canada Discovery Kids Latam, SF Nordics, Canal + Poland, Space toon Middle east, TVNZ New Zealand, E South Africa.


Spain and Portugal.


  • Concept insipired by the brand’s DNA
  • A character that creates unique bonds with children
  • 3 generations of fans
  • updated CGI Look

Copyright notice

 © Sekiguchi / Technicolor Animation Productions / TF1

Worldwide Distribution PGS Entertainment